Thanksgiving 2017


This year was very nice for my wife and I. We only had 6 people for dinner this year but it was quite special. Lots of food and wonderful drinks. The turkey was made in an electric fryer. It was a 13 pounder and was cooked in one hour. It was beautiful and very tasty.

Click here for the video! Thanksgiving 2017 

Laura also put together a lot of mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, gravy, ham, cranberry sauce and much more. Of course we also had desserts and ice cream. We had a prayer which gave us much happiness and love.

After dinner, both Jim and Randy were so stuffed we needed a short nap. You have to love that! After a 15 minute nap we were ready for game night. We played a game called things. As always there was football.

Hoping all of you had a very blessed Thanksgiving as there is always hope and something to be thankful for.

We never give up!!!!!


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